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Name:Lynn Idle
Birthdate:May 29

"Idle hands are the devil's tools."

Innstuary: an institute which hires the unusual or supernaturally touched as part of criminal investigation units, and hires them out to cities on a contract-decided basis for specific and decided prices. It exists in no known location on this earth or any other planet, and even the operatives themselves have never known its exact location.

"You never just find the Institute. There is certainly no chance of that. They would never let it be compromised to such a degree. If you stumbled upon it in the wilds, then you can rest assured that it was there just to welcome you."

Not much is known of Lynn Idle's childhood or past before he joined the 2nd Innstuary Missing Persons' Unit , but he is apparently evasive and often irritable when asked about it, dismissing it as "nothing special" and growing increasingly uncomfortable if pressed about it.

Lynn Idle specialises in detective work, occult investigation and body-finding (both with his special ability and with other methods, such as dowsing, ouija boards, etc). His current ability is to instantly visualise the location of any person he sees on paper or poster that is reported missing in some capacity. However, this ability has conditions.

One. The person must be dead. Detective Idle is only able to find the body if it has no vital spark. Zombies and other undead do not count as 'living', however - if the missing person has become some sort of ghoul, vampire, zombie, or other being that has no living spark, he will be able to locate them.

Two. The power has limited range of view. If the body is six feet underground, he is able to visualise the body and the grave it is buried in, but not the specific location.

Three. If there is sufficient space, Detective Idle will be involuntarily teleported to the body. He has been marked with a tracker sigil for the purposes of finding him. Once he became trapped through this secondary feat in an airtight mausoleum and would have died if not for the sigil alerting his teammates to his location.

In January 1981, Detective Idle was captured by a mage and cursed not to die. The mage then set upon him with her pet ghoul, which devoured most of his flesh, his eyes, and vital organs, leaving only his skeleton on the parts it devoured.

Before she was able to complete the job, his teammates rescued him from his torment, and he was later sown up and nailed together with rituals and actual, physical nails. Detective Idle apparently expressed only mild irritation at his state, when he awoke from his magically-induced stupor.

Currently, only his face and neck remain of his original physical body. The rest of him is skeletal, and he wears heavy clothing, circular black glasses and gloves to hide this fact.

Lynn Idle continues to operate in the same capacity as he did before.
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